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Facility management in Hungary


The Physical framwork of your business is a building. With us, you can rest assured it is safe: we take care of it and maintain it covering all aspects of Facility Management work, with the added security of high-value liability / third party insurance.




Fire Protection

Building Supervision

Security Service



Facility Management - Electricity

Electricity is the life-blood of buildings, providing it is of exceptional importance. Our company undertakes both the mainenance of high tension systems (periodic schock-prevention reviews, lightning protection inspections, networks operation) ant the supervision of low tension systems (entry systems, intrusion prevention systems, monitoring, telephone and other low voltage signaling systems, computer networks).

Facility Management - Fire Protection

We also perform tasks associated with the fire protection of buildings: we provide training on asssociated topics and conduct axeminations, fire-fighting drills and the prescribed inspections of fire-protection equipment. We can also put down, update, and if required, amend or modernise the fire protection regulations.

Facility Management - Security Service

Our asset protection/security service quarantees the safety of people intellectual and material products, assets and systems using qualified security personnel with language skills. in order to provide an appropriate level of protection, we also write the entry regulations, access protocols and obtain appropriate asset insurance as well.


A building is caharacterised by its garden or yard as well: our gardening service (management of lawns, annual and perennial plants, cleaning of outdoors areas, snow removal, foliage removal etc.) ensures a suitably maintained, clean environment.
A beautiful garden building and a maintained garden reflects a positive image of your company. through this, we can contribute to your business succes!