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References - Facilities

Pharmapark – Pharmaceutical Logistics Center
Techical Supervision, Facility Management NOVARTIS, BAYER, LILLY 15.500 sqm (from 2003)
Shark Park Office Building and Logistics Center
Facility Management and Project Management Services DSV, Sarantis, Merck 22.400 sqm (from 2011)
City Corner – Office Building
Facility Management, Property Management, Techical Supervision 6.000 sqm (from 2010)
Artesyn – Office Building and Manufacturing Hall
Facility Management, Techical Supervision 11.200 sqm (from 2011)
Tengelmann Logistics Center (TREI)
Facility Management, Engineering Supervision 43.000 sqm (from 2010)
Premier Outlets Center
Facility Management (2004-2008)
Westgate Businesspark – Manufacturing, Office and Logistics Buildings
Project management and Facility Management Services Johnson and Johnson, Renault, Tesco, Oberthur 7 buildings – 25.200 sqm (2004-2013)
SAS Palace
Facility Management (2005-2009)
Hotel Tihany
Project Management (2001)
Cosmopolitan Cosmetics – HQ and Logistics Center
Technical Supervision, Facility Management 2.000 sqm (2003-2007)
WILO HQ and Logistics Center
Project management 1.500 sqm (2005)
Nilfisk Office Building and Manufacturing Hall
Project Management 24.200 sqm (2005)
Penny Market Shopping Center
Project management and general contracting 3.500 sqm (2006)
Novartis HQ
Project Management, Interior Design 2.200 sqm (2005)
Medico Uno - Health Trade Co. HQ
Project Management, General Contracting of Construction 1.000 sqm (2002)
Gödöllő Shopping Center – JYSK, SPAR
General Contracting 6.000 sqm (2008)
Pirex Headquarters and Logistics Center
Project management, Design, General Contracting 1.400 sqm (2008)
Eagle Industries-EKK Headquarters and Logistics Center
Project Management Services 5.500 sqm (2012)


Sasad-Liget – Residental Community
Condominium Board Management and Engineering Services 18.000 sqm (from 2011)
Európa Lakókert
Condominium Board Management
Árpádföld Lakókert
Condominium Board Management

Facility management

Facility management

In the buildings managed by us, we tailor our activities the given buildings and carry out our work in a controlled manner.

Project management

In construction works or real estate investments we provide consultancy and project optimization. We keep the schedules, reduce the costs, guarantee the quality.

Property management

Property management

Representing owners, keeping contact, contracting with the tenants and service providers, controlling building services and monitoring costs.

Residential real properties

After 5 years' experience in facility management business we started to provide our residential representation services in 2004.