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Property Management

Real estate developers often strive to develop their own property management systems. However, organisational enhancements do not always pay off, that is why we offer our professional property management services.


Choosing and implementing most expensive solution is not a guarantee to receive high quality work, and selecting the most optimal technical solution is not equal to the taking the cheapest deals, either.


We believe that it is the rightful demand of an owner to run a building in a cost-effective way, and tenants can also rightfully expect that everything should work perfectly in the rented property.


The tasks of our business branch include the reconciliation of interests, creating dialogues, controlling respective costs, and the selection of optimal technical solutions. Mutual trust is based on honest communication, a task-oriented approach and work carried out by a person dealing with the tasks with the care of a good master.

Our key property management activities:

  • Preparation of Operating and Management Policies
  • Preparation of Rules for the given facility
  • Preparation of applications (developments, renovation)
  • Implementation of construction works
  • Conclusion and termination lease agreements
  • Distribution and collection of public utility service fees
  • Property tax returns, audits
  • Tendering process for insurance services, conclusion of insurance policy
  • Holding tenants' meetings
  • Tendering process for contractors carrying out reconstruction and renovation works
  • Preparation and delivery of newsletters
  • Keeping contact (with municipalities, public authorities)
  • Calculations on the use of common areas
  • Accounting, Billing
  • Recovery of rent and service charge debts
  • Construction management and implementation - Project Management
  • During the use of buildings, there comes a time when their renovation becomes necessary. We also provide professional solutions for the implementation of small- and large-scale construction projects, reconstructions, additions and renovations.

Facility management

Facility management

In the buildings managed by us, we tailor our activities the given buildings and carry out our work in a controlled manner.

Project management

In construction works or real estate investments we provide consultancy and project optimization. We keep the schedules, reduce the costs, guarantee the quality.