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Housing management

Kiadó lakása van? Jól jár, ha profikra bízza a kezelést!


Who should hire a property manager?

  • who wants to let their apartment for short or long term;
  • who lives far away from his/her apartment: the other side of the city, in the countryside, or abroad;
  • who doesn't have much time or it is more valuable, then to deal with every day trifling issues;
  • who is not an expert in legal, financial, technical or utility matters;
  • who finds it difficult to cooperate with people of other cultures or mentality;
  • who does not speak foreign languages.

What tasks can we take over?


  • Conclusion of contracts, dealing with legal questions;
  • Property leasing and repossession;
  • Collecting rent, administration, accounting, security deposit;
  • Utilities, overhead: handling tenant contracts, or owner/manager payments;
  • Preventive planned maintenance and occasional repairs – because we are experts in this field
  • Cleaning, gardening.

What is it as an owner I still must take of?


  • just check your bank account;
  • if you have the time, browse through our monthly/quarterly report

Why does it worth it as an owner to hire a property manager?

  • with good marketing, professional operation and leasing techniques,
    your apartment = A SUBJECT OF DREAMS!
  • managing an apartment even in case of having a "good tenant" = TIME!
    (utilities, taxes, collecting rent, communication with the common representative, repairs, regular site visits, etc.) – money, time, anxiety;
  • owning and leasing apartments = RESPONSIBILITY!
    (authorities, payments, legal procedures) - the owner can be completely exempted from these;
  • administration and management related to the apartment = COST!
    making phone calls, travelling, bureaucratic and other costs, etc.;
  • the apartment KEEPS ITS VALUE after the tenants.

And finally: why Millenia?

  • against the countless freshly started companies, we perform these activities for 20 years: this gives us a lot of experience, skills, technical-, legal-, economic knowledge;

  • yet, we are not more expensive than others – but please see for yourself!

  • we do not "work with professionals", we have our own professionals: at Millenia you can find anyone IMMEDIATELY from mechanical and electrical technicians to financial and legal experts;

  • on our unique portal system you can monitor everything, at any time via the internet!

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Property management

Property management

Representing owners, keeping contact, contracting with the tenants and service providers, controlling building services and monitoring costs.

Residential real properties

After 5 years' experience in facility management business we started to provide our residential representation services in 2004.